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The Mold Consultants LLC is dedicated to detecting and preventing mold and other pathogens in indoor environments throughout the southeast. We provide professional services for mold inspections, testing, and preventive maintenance tailored for the hypersensitive individual.

A trained Certified Mold Inspector and Certified Indoor Environmentalist committed to providing the utmost integrity and maintaining the highest standards in the environmental inspection profession conduct every inspection project. With each investigation, our goal is to fully understand and improve the health of our clients by addressing the health of their homes.

Mold Inspection and Testing While buying a new home

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Inspections, testing, prevention, and moisture Microbial Assessment of mold in homes & businesses in Florida

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Protect your family from health issues by preventing Black Mold Illness Symptoms.

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The Mold Consultants offers various cutting-edge inspection and testing techniques to assist the building owner, manager, or homeowner in assessing possible water intrusion that may result in mold contamination. We specialize in mold testing with the hypersensitive individual in mind. Because of this sensibility, we have an empathetic understanding of what someone dealing with mold sickness goes through. We are here to guide our clients through every step of the process.

Our technicians send all samples collected to an accredited laboratory for testing and analysis. We compile test results with our seasoned analysis of what that means for the health of your home into one detailed, comprehensive report that is tailored to the specific issues discovered on your inspection. 

The Mold Consultants is available seven days a week, so no matter your mold situation, we have a technician who can come out and perform a mold test as soon as possible. So if you believe that there is mold in your home or workplace, call us today at 813-693-9345 or fill out our form online and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

The Mold Consultants helps clients throughout the United States and locally including all of Florida and the following counties

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